Why Century City is considered one of the safest areas in Cape Town

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Century City, our beloved Smart City, is a beautiful and bustling area 10 minutes outside of Cape Town CBD. The area is known for its safety, which is at the heart of ensuring that Century City runs smoothly and effectively. The city has had a zero-tolerance policy towards crime since the beginning and has many ways in which our safety is secured.

Technology is often used to keep our safety and security at the best level. Through more than 145 HD cameras on street light poles and data analytics obtained from licence plate scanning, the security team can track cars in real time. This assists in rescues in emergency cases, alerting first responders and police, and preventing crime. It also equals increased efficiency in the surveillance of buildings, roads, and traffic flow.

The Security Operations Centre, or the SOC, is Century City’s state of the art hub where all the relevant information is gathered. Various technological touchpoints and human intervention are combined at the SOC so information can be analysed, and the appropriate responses can be sent out. The SOC is manned 24 hours of the day, which results in rapid emergency responses.

Century City further has frequent patrols and highly skilled security personnel. The patrols can be spotted in easily identifiable Century City branded vehicles, on bicycles, or on foot. The security personnel are trained to provide emergency first aid, a firefighting response, and traffic control. The entire perimeter is either walled or fenced, and certain areas can only be accessed by passing through security gates or booms.

Our SOC and its network of camera systems, vehicles, security personnel, and software are frequently reviewed and upgraded as required. If you are having an emergency or need to contact the 24/7 SOC team for any reason, you can do so 021 202 1000.

If you have any further questions or need help contacting the security team, please don’t hesitate to ask our friendly staff at reception. We hope that these measures will set your mind at ease and make your stay with us as relaxing and care-free as possible!

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