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5 Reasons Why Active Holidays Are So Popular Right Now

Holidays that include active elements like watersports, hiking or cycling have gained immense traction in recent years. Traditionally, a summer holiday meant chilling on the beach, lazing in the sun with a good read and something cold to quench your thirst. For some, this is still the perfect holiday. But for others, an active holiday is the epitome of relaxation. In this post, we will be sharing 5 reasons why active holidays are so popular right now.

Relaxing while staying active

It has become clear that more and more people find it just as relaxing to hire a bicycle and cycle up the mountain, or go for a hike amongst breathtaking scenery, or go kayaking. Emphasizing a more technical action helps with focusing your mind, and allowing your body to unwind and enjoy a well-deserved break while vacationing.

It is all about experiencing something different

More individuals seek immersive and spur-of-the-moment entertainment that tells something unique about them. Something that they can talk about with their followers or friends. An active holiday provides plenty of opportunities to do so. It is more about what you have done with the time and less about where you find yourself.

Why compromise when you are on vacation?

You shouldn’t have to settle on doing things other than what you find most riveting and interesting. There is a broad range of activities that you can engage in with an active holiday. The one moment you could be sunbathing and kayaking or cycling the next. There is something to do for everyone. Island Club Hotel and Apartments in Century City for instance is a welcoming destination to stay and engage in everything that this location has on offer. The property has an indoor pool and gym where you can stay active while vacationing.

Outdoor exercising is the new trend

Millions of people turn to the great outdoors to do their daily exercise routine every year, and this comes as no surprise. Outdoor activity is incredibly beneficial for mental and physical wellbeing. Feeling closer to nature, breathing in the fresh air, and getting your daily vitamin D boost, means exercising in the outdoors, particularly water-based activities can result in enhanced mood, self-esteem, and increased energy levels. A beach vacation with stretches of ocean-based undertakings is the ideal place to get your daily exercise fix.

It allows you to do or learn something new and exciting

Learning a new skill or rekindling a passion for a former loved active activity can be both mentally and physically advantageous. It takes you back to fond childhood memories when you were learning new exciting things all the time. Engaging in an active vacation, takes you away from the familiar, while physically creating the space and time for trying something fresh, to stimulate your brain, exercise, and learning new physical activities away from the mundane everyday stresses and commitments that might stand in your way back at home.

Plenty of activities in Century City

There is plenty to do in Century City to stay active while on vacation. For instance, a visit to Intaka Island Bird Century, Century City Sports Day, Rowing on the canals, running track, plenty of clubs (athletic club canoe club, stand-up paddling), and more.


We hope you have enjoyed our article about 5 reasons why active holidays are so popular right now and that it has convinced you to consider trying something new the next time you are on vacation. As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons why taking an active holiday is beneficial and relaxing.

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